Siegfried plans production plant in Nantong, China

06-Jul-2012 - China

Siegfried plans the erection of a production plant in Nantong, China, supported by NETDA, a Chinese development organization. The development of production capacity in China will strengthen Siegfried’s competitive position and create additional sales opportunities in Asia. The company is exploring further cooperation agreements with Chinese companies

Following the entry into sterile filling through the acquisition at the end of May 2012 of Alliance Medial Products in Irvine, California, Siegfried is now implementing another strategic project. Siegfried will develop production capacity in China within the parameters of geographic diversification of production locations and improvement of cost structure. The company will establish a production facility in Nantong, located north-west of Shanghai, where in 2011 Siegfried secured land rights in a modern industrial park.

In an initial phase, Siegfried will invest in a plant producing active pharmaceutical ingredients and intermediates. In China also, the company will produce in accordance with high quality standards. The planned facility allows for production in accordance with internationally recognized standards of current good manufacturing practice (cGMP). The available land permits extension in a second phase to include, for instance, the production of finished dosage forms.

Investment in the development of the new location will be stepwise. NETDA, Siegfried’s cooperation partner, will provide a fully functional industrial infrastructure. NETDA also provides support to Siegfried in obtaining the required authorizations and licenses. Production is to commence in 2014.

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