18-Jan-2012 - Medicago, Inc.

Medicago and Cellectis Enter into Research Agreement to Improve Therapeutic Proteins Using Nuclease Technology

Medicago Inc.  and Cellectis plant sciences, a subsidiary of Cellectis SA announced the signing of a research agreement under which Medicago and Cellectis will collaborate to improve therapeutic proteins expressed from tobacco leaves.

"We look forward to working with Cellectis plant sciences to assess their nuclease technology for use in our ongoing work to develop biosimilar products," said Dr. Louis-Philippe Vezina, Chief Scientific Officer of Medicago. "This tool has the potential to hasten the expansion of our platform towards the production of a wider range of therapeutic proteins including biosimilars, and complement our existing tools for the control of protein glycosylation."

Luc Mathis, CEO of Cellectis plant sciences commented, "I am very proud to see the Cellectis technology being applied for use in plants to produce potential products for human health benefit, and expect that we will see additional opportunities for our technology in the near future."

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