04-Oct-2011 - Intercell AG

EU invests €30 million to boost vaccine research

Intercell AG announced that on 1 October 2011 the collaborative research program – Advanced Immunization Technologies (ADITEC) – will start in order to accelerate the development of novel and powerful immunization technologies for the next generation of human vaccines.

ADITEC is co‐funded with €30 million by the European Commission to establish a robust platform for innovation in this key strategic area with a high socio‐economic impact. Scientists from 42 research partners in 13 countries will collaborate in this new program.

“We are at a unique point in vaccine history,” says Rino Rappuoli, coordinator of ADITEC and president of the Sclavo Vaccines Association (SVA) which is based in Siena /Italy. “Progress in science and technology makes it possible to achieve what was previously deemed impossible. New technologies are opening the door to fight those diseases for which new vaccines could not be developed so far. However, a single laboratory cannot tackle modern vaccine science in isolation. Therefore we have set up this project consortium with scientists from 42 research bodies to collaboratively produce the knowledge necessary for the development of novel and powerful immunization technologies for the next generation of human vaccines.”

ADITEC comprises a team of competitive European universities and research institutions next to top US groups on systems biology and adjuvants. The project is reinforced by a number of key European industries, both big pharmaceutical and smaller biotechnology companies ‐these corporations are focusing on specific innovative technologies that now allow making better and safer vaccines. In addition, the World Health Organization is supporting the project as a senior partner, ensuring that cross‐cutting global health aspects are duly considered.

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