Convergence Pharmaceuticals Announces Phase I Trial Start of CNV2197944 for Chronic Pain

14-Apr-2011 - United Kingdom
Convergence Pharmaceuticals Limited  announced that the first-time-in-man Phase I study of the novel, first in class calcium channel blocker CNV2197944, for the treatment of chronic pain has been initiated and dosing has begun.
The trial is a randomised, placebo controlled Phase I study to investigate the pharmacokinetics, safety and tolerability of single ascending orally administered doses of CNV2197944. CNV2197944 is proposed for development initially as a treatment for neuropathic pain and pain associated with osteoarthritis. The study is expected to conclude in Q3 2011.
CNV2197944 is a novel, small molecule, state-dependent calcium channel blocker, designed to selectively inhibit highly active Cav2.2 channels. Preclinical studies demonstrated that CNV2197944 could have analgesic potential for a broad range of chronic pain conditions. Extensive safety and toxicology studies to support the clinical development of CNV2197944 have also been completed, which suggest an excellent margin of safety and tolerability.
Commenting on the announcement, Dr Simon Tate, Chief Scientific Officer of Convergence Pharmaceuticals, said: “The start of the Phase I trial for CNV2197944 represents an exciting step forward in the extensive research the Convergence team has undertaken in the field of calcium channel blockers. We believe that the unique mode of action of CNV2197944 has the potential to increase the efficacy whilst minimising the unwanted side effects of current pain treatments and will have a significant effect on the quality of life of chronic pain sufferers.”

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