Actavis appoints Claudio Albrecht CEO

24-Jun-2010 - Iceland

Actavis Group announced the appointment of former Ratiopharm leader Dr. Claudio Albrecht as its new CEO.

Dr. Claudio Albrecht has been appointed as CEO of Actavis, with immediate effect. He has over 20 years of experience in the generics industry, having started his career with Sandoz in 1987 where he went on to serve as a Managing Director in the Netherlands, Germany and the US. In 2000 he joined Ratiopharm as global CEO during which time the company doubled sales and became the world's third largest generic company (by revenues). In 2008 Dr. Albrecht established Cometh, a consultancy that has advised pharmaceutical companies on their growth strategies, including Actavis. Dr. Albrecht is 51 years old, an Austrian citizen and holds a PhD in law.

Having led the successful restoration of Actavis' US business and a turnaround in critical markets, Sigurdur Oli Olafsson is standing down as CEO. His departure follows seven years in senior management roles during which time Actavis has grown exponentially to become one of the world's leading generics companies.

Following a number of acquisitions over the last decade, Actavis' senior management is currently spread across five different countries. A search is underway to find a central location where the senior team can be based in one place. Iceland will remain a key site for manufacturing, research & development and Medis, the third-party sales division.

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