baseclick enters the US market

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baseclick products are now available to customers in the US and around the world via the Labscoop marketplace. Through this agreement, baseclick will offer laboratories and researchers its comprehensive portfolio of high-quality click chemistry reagents and various kit systems for EdU-based cell proliferation assays, oligonucleotide modification, click-based FISH technologies and PCR-based diagnostic applications as well as mRNA synthesis reagents in the US market.

"Labscoop proudly welcomes baseclick GmbH and its portfolio of click chemistry reagents and various kit systems to our Marketplace. basecliclck’s cutting-edge products are an ideal fit for our team-centric eCommerce experience for researchers at academic and commercial laboratories working on the latest in disease-targeting in cancer and tracking biological processes. We are excited to showcase the cutting-edge work of the 2022 Nobel Prize winners for Chemistry by Prof. Dr. Carolyn Bertozzi, Prof. Dr. Morten Meldal, and Prof. Dr. Barry Sharpless, enabling our users access to the latest click chemistry solutions and pushing life science research further than ever before." - Johann Vidanage, Labscoop’s Director of Supplier Relations

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