03-May-2021 - osteolabs GmbH

osteolabs establishes UK presence

Early detection of osteoporosis

osteolabs GmbH announces the formation of osteolabs UK Limited in Marlow near London. osteolabs UK is a Joint Venture between osteolabs GmbH as majority shareholder and Christopher Brain, an experienced Medtech business professional with a track record of well over 15 years with some leading IVD companies such as Abbott, Cepheid and Roche Diagnostics. Chris will assume the Managing Director/General Manager role for osteolabs UK Ltd. from May 1, 2021 onwards. osteolabs UK plans to work with clinical osteoporosis professionals across Great Britain in order to ensure easy and efficient access to the CE-marked OsteoTest for early detection of osteoporosis which was successfully introduced in Germany and other European countries in 2020.

Osteoporosis represents a major disease burden in the UK with over 500,000 hospitalisations per annum as a result of osteoporotic fractures at a cost impact of over £4.4B. The CE-marked OsteoTest is protected by patent and has been clinically validated in several studies. It can be used both to detect osteoporosis and to monitor therapy. Up to now, patients have had to be exposed to X-rays for a diagnosis - in most cases when osteoporosis has already occurred.

“I am thrilled to establish and to lead this joint venture together with osteolabs, a leading player for early detection of osteoporosis. This is a devastating disease affecting millions of patients per year” said Chris Brain, incoming Managing Director of osteolabs UK Ltd.

“We are very happy to have partnered with Chris who is a very experienced Medtech commercial leader with many years of business experience. Together, we see a tremendous opportunity to bring our well established OsteoTest to the UK market” added Dr. Stefan Kloth, CEO of osteolabs GmbH.   

Lastly, Dr. Bernd Buchholz, Minister of Economic Affairs of the Federal State of Schleswig-Holstein commented : "osteolabs is a perfect example of an innovative player in the state who is courageously paving its way and expanding the business despite the ongoing pandemic. I am very pleased to see that know-how from Schleswig-Holstein is now being applied more and more internationally through partnerships and now the formation of a joint venture with a leading UK partner.”

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