Siemens and Zeta drive forward the digital transformation of pharmaceutical processes worldwide

Strategic partnership

04-Nov-2020 - Germany

Siemens and Zeta have entered into a strategic partnership. The aim of both companies is to drive forward the digital transformation of pharmaceutical processes worldwide. Zeta, a specialist with many years of experience in major projects for the biopharmaceutical industry, takes the role of the system integrator thanks to their process expertise from the pharmaceutical sector. In partnership with Zeta, Siemens acts as the system provider offering software platforms with their Digital Enterprise Portfolio. The Comos plant engineering software solution is the basis for the digital engineering platform, with object-oriented data management and the use of intelligent templates for the implementation of pharma-specific planning processes. In addition to the integration of existing platform functions, Zeta and Siemens are developing new modules to further improve the integration of the value chain.


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Zeta is embracing digital transformation with sophisticated new digitalization strategies. The development of industrial processes for the production of active ingredients is highly complex. The creation of pharmaceutical products requires numerous planning steps, from development in the lab through to large-scale industrial production. In the strictly regulated pharmaceutical sector, these processes must be transparent and fully traceable. In project engineering, huge volumes of data are generated, which must be structured logically. This requires a stringent software landscape, which integrates all processes from industrial process design through mechanical implementation, automation, and qualification to delivery.

The new digital planning environment is oriented to the specific requirements of all project participants and enables different project partners to work together from various locations in a shared software environment. The basis for this is Comos, the plant engineering software solution from Siemens. From this digital software environment, all data can be accessed, used or further developed at all times. Users are seamlessly integrated in the planning process, which offers the advantage of more efficient, faster, and smoother cooperation between participating companies. At the end of the comprehensive and integrated planning process, Zeta has a digital twin of the plant and the process. Using Smart Engineering Services, Zeta makes the digital twin available to plant operators for the efficient operation and maintenance of the plant.

The practical advantages of integrated digitalization in a software system landscape are summarized by Martin Meyer, digitalization expert at Zeta: “The customer benefits from the use of digital qualification data for electronic validation, automatic updating of spare parts lists and order numbers, replacement and testing dates for plant components and wear parts – all kept up-to-date based on the digital twin of the plant.”

“We are delighted to announce our partnership with Zeta. It opens up new opportunities to drive forward the digital transformation of pharmaceutical processes worldwide. With our seamless solution for integrated engineering and operation, users in the pharmaceutical industry benefit from faster process development and product maturity,” states Bart Moors, CEO Comos Industry Solutions, Siemens AG.

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