21-Oct-2020 - ChromoTek GmbH

Successful exit – Proteintech acquires ChromoTek

The acquisition enables Proteintech to expand its next-generation antibody tools

High-Tech Gründerfonds and Bayern Kapital have sold their shares in ChromoTek after having spent 10 years at the start-up’s side. ChromoTek is the market leader in nanobodies — high-performance recombinant reagents that are used for breakthrough research discoveries. The combined companies will better address the industry’s growing opportunities and challenges in single cell analysis, super resolution imaging, and multiplex assays.

"Our fit-for-purpose nanobody-based tools perfectly complement the comprehensive antibody coverage of the proteome that Proteintech offers. It is exciting to be working together with a company that shares our values in reproducibility and quality for the benefit of research and beyond", said Dr. Marion Jung, CEO of ChromoTek

"This new partnership will deliver considerable value to the market. With global manufacturing across three continents, not only will we serve the research market better, but we’ll also deeply impact translational science and therapeutic applications", said Dr. Jason Li, CEO of Proteintech

ChromoTek was founded in 2008 as a spin-off from the Ludwig Maximilian University (LMU) of Munich. It all began when researchers discovered the opportunities presented by alpaca single-domain antibodies also known as nanobodies. Researchers at LMU eventually succeeded in generating extremely efficient tools to bridge cell biology work with comprehensive proteomic analysis. The respective tools for immunoprecipitation were called Nano-Traps. The outstanding performance of the Nano-Traps and the high level of demand led to the company’s foundation.

ChromoTek’s single domain antibody platform offers unique advantages in high value applications where other antibody formats would reach their limits and gave rise to a portfolio of gold standard, ready to use reagents for immunoprecipitation, protein purification and high-resolution microscopy. The use of these products led to a plethora of new discoveries and is documented in over 2.700 scientific publications.

"A big thank you for the real pleasure to work together for 10 years since our seed investment with an equally competent and dedicated founder and management team. All the best for the new future with the Proteintech Group", said Dr. Bernd Goergen, Partner with High-Tech Gründerfonds

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