12-Jul-2018 - Gyros Protein Technolgoies AB

Gyros Protein Technologies and Cygnus Technologies Sign Licensing and Supply Agreement

Gyros Protein Technologies AB and Cygnus Technologies announced they have signed a licensing and supply agreement.

Under the agreement, Cygnus Technologies will supply Gyros Protein Technologies with its proprietary reagents for host cell protein analysis, enabling the development of new Gyrolab® immunoassay kits and applications to further support customers working in biotherapeutics development and manufacturing. Gyros Protein Technologies has established expertise in bioprocess development, through its Gyrolab platforms and Gyrolab ready-to-use kits for CHO-HCP, Protein A impurity analyses, and IgG titer determinations. Gyrolab users carrying out impurity analysis will now also benefit from the products and expertise provided by Cygnus Technologies.

As the global leader in ELISA kits for bioprocess impurity analysis, Cygnus Technologies will also assist Gyrolab users in developing custom, process-specific antibodies, or in running orthogonal methods for antibody and impurity characterization.

Dan Calvo, CEO and president, Gyros Protein Technologies, said: “The agreement with Cygnus Technologies forms part of our strategy to continue to support customers with high quality bioanalytical solutions, and to increase productivity in the development and manufacturing of biotherapeutics. Cygnus Technologies’ offering complements our current portfolio, and the partnership will enable us to increase our support to bioprocess customers.”

Ken Hoffman, president of Cygnus Technologies, said: “This collaboration with Gyros Protein Technologies will give customers looking for automated solutions the opportunity to automate our well-characterized antibodies and antigens on the Gyrolab platforms. Those same customers can also access custom antibody services along with state-of-the-art orthogonal analytical methods developed at Cygnus Technologies.”

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