OPK Biotech Develops Research and Production in Russia

12-Oct-2009 - Russian Federation

Biopure Corporation was finally taken under OPK Biotech's control, a part of the United Industrial Corporation (OPK). OPK Biotech has high-qualified specialists and managers in the domain of biochemistry and finance. All top-managers possess academic degrees and scientific education from leading universities in the USA. Most of the managers also have great experience in the medical domain. In particular, the Member of the Board of Directors is a former U.S. Surgeon General, named Everett Coop.

OPK Biotech disposes of certificated production facilities, with the capacity to manufacture about 100 thousand doses (250ml) of Hemopure, 347 thousand doses of Oxyglobin (125 ml), or 647 thousand doses of Oxyglobin (60 ml) a year. The company also has all estimated and technical documents required for the construction of factories, able to produce more than 500 thousand doses of Hemopure a year.

OPK Biotech aims at expanding scientific explorations, increasing the production base by means of new high-technological productions in different regions in the world, as well as developing global marketing to promote their high-technological products.

In particular, OPK Biotech and OPK plans imply the development of research-and-production complex in Russia, as well as further perfectionning of these technologies with the participation of Russian scientists and specialists.

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