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  • Oxygen deficiency rewires mitochondria

    Mitochondria burn oxygen and provide energy for the body. Cells lacking oxygen or nutrients have to change their energy supply quickly in order to keep growing. In a study published in Nature, scientists from the Max Planck Institute for Biology of Ageing have now shown that mitochondria are reprogr more

  • Stress in the Powerhouse of the Cell

    Cells need powerhouses known as mitochondria to utilize the energy stored in our food. Most of the proteins required for this powerhouse function are encoded in the nucleus and transported into the mitochondria after they have been synthesized in the cytosol. Signal sequences are needed to allow the more

  • Keeping a cell’s powerhouse in shape

    A German-Swiss team around Professor Oliver Daumke from the MDC has investigated how a protein of the dynamin family deforms the inner mitochondrial membrane. Mitochondria are the powerhouses of our cells, generating energy in the form of chemical compounds such as ATP. To do this job effectively, m more

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Intermembrane space of mitochondria

Intermembrane space of mitochondria Because of channels in the outer membrane of the mitochondria, the content of the intermembrane space is similar to that of the content of the cytoplasm. As electrons move down the proteins in the electron t ... more


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