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  • One coronavirus vaccine may protect against other coronaviruses

    Northwestern Medicine scientists have shown for the first time that coronavirus vaccines and prior coronavirus infections can provide broad immunity against other, similar coronaviruses. The findings build a rationale for universal coronavirus vaccines that could prove useful in the face of future e more

  • When immune cells aren’t in their senses

    One of the human immune system’s most importantand impressive features is its ability to reliably distinguish self from non-self. Invading pathogens, infected or malignant cells have to be eliminated while protecting healthy cells. To date, many aspects of this fine-tuned regulation have remained en more

  • A toxic bullet involved in bacterial competition

    A bacterial toxin that allows an infectious strain of bacteria to defeat its competitors has been discovered by Imperial College London scientists. The finding provides a better understanding of the mechanisms behind bacterial warfare, which is the first step for the design of improved treatments fo more

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Immunity to Infection - Perspectives

Organisers, speakers and attendees share their impressions of the "EMBO | EMBL Symposium: New Perspectives on Immunity to Infection" held in Heidelberg in May 2012. more

Improving the immune system of older people (UCL research)

As we age our immune systems decline. Older people suffer from increased incidence and severity of both infections and cancer. In addition, vaccination becomes less efficient with age. Researchers from UCL have demonstrated how an interplay between nutrition, metabolism and immunity is involved ... more

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Herd immunity

Herd immunity Herd immunity (or community immunity) describes a type of immunity that occurs when the vaccination of a portion of the population (or herd) provides protection to unvaccinated individuals. The effectiveness of a vaccine depen ... more


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