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The Faster, Easier, More Sensitive ChIP Kit

High sensitivity - Maximum capture of the antibody-chromatin complexes & recovery of enriched DNA ✓ Perfect for low samples - ChIP-seq with as little as 1000 cells or 50 mg tissue more

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  • How environmental influences could keep the brain young

    Stimulating life circumstances keep the "hippocampus" - the control center of memory located in the brain - young, so to speak. This is due to molecular mechanisms that affect gene control. These current findings from studies on mice provide clues as to why an active, varied life can help to maintai more

  • How chemicals in plastic may cause lower IQ levels

    The chemical bisphenol F (found in plastics) can induce changes in a gene that is vital for neurological development. This discovery was made by researchers at the universities of Uppsala and Karlstad, Sweden. The mechanism could explain why exposure to this chemical during the fetal stage may be co more

  • How do memories leave traces in the DNA?

    It is generally believed that rapid and reversible DNA methylation in the brain is essential for the stability of long-term memory, but very little is known about how synaptic signals can control DNA methylation to induce permanent changes in plasticity-related gene expression. A new study by Michae more

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Epigenetics - packaging artists in the cell

Methyl attachments to histone proteins determine the degree of packing of the DNA molecule. They thereby determine whether a gene can be read or not. In this way, environment can influence the traits of an organism over generations. more

What is Epigenetics?

Why your DNA is not your destiny. Molecular biologist Nessa Carey presents an introduction to epigenetics and explains how it shapes life.DNA is a vitally important starting point for life, but it's how it's used by cells and organisms that is really important. Epigenetics is a rapidly moving fi ... more

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  • Beyond epigenetics

    In many complex animals, the germ line is separated from the rest of the body early in development, which led the 19th century biologist August Weismann to conclude that environmentally caused changes in an organism are not inherited. A revelation in recent years, and the focus of Russell Bondurians more

  • Beyond the maternal epigenetic legacy

    Beyond the maternal epigenetic legacy Beyond the maternal epigenetic legacy, Published online: 21 May 2018; doi:10.1038/s41593-018-0157-6 In 2004, Weaver et al. published evidence in Nature Neuroscience for the lasting epigenetic impact of maternal care within the hippocampus of rat offspring. Thi more

  • Synthetic post-translational modification of histones

    Publication date: August 2018 Source:Current Opinion in Chemical Biology, Volume 45 Author(s): Simon Nadal, Ritu Raj, Shabaz Mohammed, Benjamin G Davis Chromatin is the physiological template of genetic information in all eukaryotic cells, a highly organised complex of DNA and histone more

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Epigenetics . Epigenetics is a term in biology used today to refer to features such as chromatin and DNA modifications that are stable over rounds of cell division but do not involve changes in the underlying DNA sequence of the organism. T ... more


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