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Meir Wilchek

Meir Wilchek (1935) is a professor at the Weizmann Institute of Science.



Meir Wilchek was born in 1935 in Poland.


Meir Wilchek is known for his research in the field of biorecognition or affinit phenomenon, and its application for several purposes. He was the first to use antibody columns for the isolation of antigenic peptides from proteins. This approach has proved essential for the field of synthetic vaccines. Antibody columns are used for the isolation of proteins synthesized by genetic engineering (e.g. interferon, growth hormone and other lymphokines).


In 1987 Meir Wilchek won the Wolf Prize in Medicine in 1987 along with Pedro Cuatrecasas "for the invention and development of affinity chromatography and its applications to biomedical sciences."[1]


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