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Anthony R. Hunter

Anthony R. Hunter (b. 1943) is an American biologist who is a Professor of Biology at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies and the University of California, San Diego.In 2004 he was awarded the Louisa Gross Horwitz Prize from Columbia University[1]

Birth and education

Anthony R. Hunter was born in 1943 in the United Kingdom. He received his Ph.D. from the University of Cambridge, in Cambridge, England and held a fellowship at Christ's College in Cambridge.


Anthony R. Hunter is well-known for discovering that tyrosine phosphorylation is a fundamental mechanism for transmembrane-signal transduction in response to growth factor stimulation and that disregulation of such tyrosine phosphorylation, by activated oncogenic protein tyrosine kinases, is a pivotal mechanism utilized in the malignant transformation of cells. His work are important in signaling pathways and their disorders.

He won the Wolf Prize in Medicine in 2005 for "the discovery of protein kinases that phosphorylate tyrosine residues in proteins, critical for the regulation of a wide variety of cellular events, including malignant transformation".[2]


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