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KREIENBAUM Wissenschaftliche Meßsysteme e.K.

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KREIENBAUM Wissenschaftliche Meßsysteme KWM is the exclusive distributor of well-known manufactures of high quality and innovative products in the biotechnological and clinical sector. Our extensive consultacy has one goal: to source equipment that's ideal for our clients' needs. This service also comes with partnership: we greatly value customer service, and as such, we continue to provide assistance after providing the product.

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    Biochemistry Analyzer for Glucose and Lactate

    The new 2500 biochemistry analyzer of Xylem uses YSI's approved enzyme electrode technology to deliver reliable test results within 60 seconds. The combination of the intuitive graphical user interface and the touchscreen display makes the handling of the 2500 to one of the easiest of its c ... more

    Fouling Resistant: With these Probes You Measure Safely, Reliably and Cost-Efficiently

    The SureSense + foam probe system prevents problems caused by unwanted foaming. Even in demanding environments (such as FDA, USP Class VI), the SureSense + system can ensure trouble-free operation thanks to fouling resistance through the patented IMA Sensing® technology. Up to 3 probes can ... more

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