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BioGenes is a world-wide acting certiified full-service supplier of protein analysis services, customised polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies as well as immunoassays with strong commitment to quality and service. BioGenes develops monoclonal antibodies against all kinds of antigens including monoclonal antibodies that distinguish modified proteins and peptides from non-modified (e.g. phosphorylation, methylation etc.) as well as anti-idiotypic antibodies. For universities, institutes and industrial research BioGenes offers affordable routine polyclonal and monoclonal antibody development. BioGenes supports customers with a whole range of GMP-compliant analytical services.BioGenes offers the development, validation according to the international regulatory guidelines and production of generic or process-specific Host Cell Protein ELISAs for quality control.

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    Stable F&E Budgets help Biotech Suppliers Defy the Crisis

    Several American pharmaceutical giants such as Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson or Merck & Co are currently fighting losses in sales and a lack of upcoming products. In Europe, Sanofi-Aventis and GlaxoSmithKline are affected. However, not all pharmaceutical companies are suffering from the crisis. ... more

    BioGenes as new designated partner in EU funded dementia project

    BioGenes GmbH has been chosen as a new partner of cNEUPRO. cNEUPRO is a EU funded research project to analyse neurodegenerative diseases and discover novel biomarkers, and so improve early and differential diagnosis of Alzheimer’s dementia. BioGenes will provide laboratory facilities and k ... more

    BioGenes - antibody development with new technology platform

    BioGenes GmbH announced the successful completion of a first step of an intended technological innovation. During a comprehensive R&D process the company has significantly optimised the well-known standard mouse hybridoma technology. As a result BioGenes has now an innovative technology pla ... more

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