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Founded in 2010, Trianni is a Bay Area biotech company that has developed a best-in-class humanized transgenic mouse platform. The Trianni Mouse is an antibody discovery vehicle with several distinctive and highly attractive features: Principle among these is expression of the full repertoire of human heavy- and light-chain variable domains. In generating this platform, Trianni employed a unique combination of In silico gene design, DNA synthesis, and targeted genomic mutagenesis to replace all three mouse antibody chain loci (Heavy, Kappa, and Lambda). The new gene segments now precisely integrated in place of the mouse loci have novel, proprietary, optimized structures including human exon sequences (of V, D, and J) and mouse introns and regulatory sequences (promoters, enhancers, recombination and signal sequences).

The Trianni platform has been extensively validated - both internally and externally - and has repeatedly proven itself an ideal resource for the isolation of high-quality therapeutic monoclonal antibodies in terms of hybridoma fusion efficiency, antibody titers, affinities, epitope coverage and biological function. Trianni remains actively engaged in enhancing and expanding its product mix. Next-generation strains include; heavy-chain only mice for generation of fully-human single-domain antibodies, mice with extended D regions that produce antibodies with very long CDR-H3 sequences, mice with B cells that display a portion of their expressed antibody on the cell surface throughout the B-cell maturation process thereby enabling target-specific FACS selection protocols, mice that lack central tolerance and so produce antibody repertoires against self and all other epitopes under an inducible mechansim, and mice that produce "true" bispecifics - two unique heavy chains and a single unique light chain from every B cell. All of these next-generation offerings will come with the full benefits now offered in the existing Trianni Mouse.

Several Large Pharmas have already adopted the Trianni platform and carried out extensive diligence including benchmarking against competing transgenic technologies and against wild-type mice. They concluded that the Trianni Mouse performed comparably to wild-type mice. IP covering Trianni's inventions has issued in Australia, China and Russia and is expected to soon issue in the US, EU and elsewhere. Trianni's IP has cleared robust FTO review by each of our Large Pharma partners.

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