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LabAs Ltd. was established in 1991 in Tartu, Estonia as a private company by specialists in the fields of immunology, immunochemistry, protein chemistry and purification, cell biology, genetics, human and veterinary medicine. We have about 20 years long experience in producing, purifying and labeling of mono- and polyclonal (mouse, goat, rabbit, chicken) antibodies. Our services and products include

- generation of hybridoma lines producing monoclonal antibodies according to the custom's needs - isolation of monoclonal antibodies from ascitic fluids and culture media - labeling of mono-and polyclonal antibodies with different immunomarkers ( HRP, alkaline phosphatase, biotin, fluorochromes, gold, etc.) - preparation of antibody fragments - preparation of antisera in goats, rabbits, and purification of antibodies - purification of proteins from different human and animal tissues - preparation of immunogens from haptens (peptides) and conjugates for immunotesting

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