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Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT) is advancing biotechnology research as a leading supplier of custom oligonucleotides and gene synthesis services as well as a developer of innovative new biotechnologies.

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    CRISPR-Cas9 corrects sickle cell mutation

    Genome editing using the CRISPR-Cas9 system has tremendous promise for therapeutic correction of genetic errors in human cells. Prior to adoption as a medical therapeutic, safety concerns relating to off-target effects must be minimized to mitigate risks that may arise from the unintended a ... more

    IDT partners with Illumina

    Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT) announced a broad partnership with Illumina, Inc. to provide improved library preparation multiplexing and target enrichment solutions for the next generation sequencing (NGS) market. The agreement will see IDT and Illumina leveraging their expertise in the ... more

    Integrated DNA Technologies expands global sales network

    Integrated DNA Technologies (“IDT”) acquired MBiotech, Inc. (“MBiotech”), headquartered in Seoul, South Korea. MBiotech has been a distributor of IDT products for more than a decade. In its promotion of IDT products, MBiotech has successfully made IDT’s brand well-known throughout South Kor ... more

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