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The Faster, Easier, More Sensitive ChIP Kit

High sensitivity - Maximum capture of the antibody-chromatin complexes & recovery of enriched DNA ✓ Perfect for low samples - ChIP-seq with as little as 1000 cells or 50 mg tissue more

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  • Stiffness of skin tissue determines renewal capacity

    An international team of researchers from the Universities of Cologne and Helsinki have discovered that the ability of stem cells to proliferate and renew organs is regulated by the stiffness of the surrounding tissue. This finding may have implications for improving the regeneration of aged tissue. more

  • Nucleosome breathing from atomistic time snapshots

    Researchers from the Hubrecht Institute in Utrecht (The Netherlands) and the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Biomedicine in Münster (Germany) used computer simulations to reveal in atomic detail how a short piece of DNA opens while it is tightly wrapped around the proteins that package our genome more

  • Research team discovers mechanism that restores cell function after genome damage

    A research team from Cologne has discovered that a change in the DNA structure – more precisely in the chromatin – plays a decisive role in the recovery phase after DNA damage. The key is a double occupation by two methyl groups on the DNA packaging protein histone H3 (H3K4me2). The discovery was ma more

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Chromatin Chromatin is the complex of DNA and protein that makes up chromosome s. It is found inside the nuclei of eukaryotic cells , and within the nucleoid in prokaryotes. The major protein s involved in chromatin are histone proteins, ... more


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