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  • Research team discovers mechanism that restores cell function after genome damage

    A research team from Cologne has discovered that a change in the DNA structure – more precisely in the chromatin – plays a decisive role in the recovery phase after DNA damage. The key is a double occupation by two methyl groups on the DNA packaging protein histone H3 (H3K4me2). The discovery was ma more

  • Mechanism that causes cell nuclei to grow discovered

    By far the most important process in cell development is how cells divide and then enlarge in order to multiply. A research team headed by Freiburg medical scientist Prof. Dr. Robert Grosse has now discovered that bundled fibers of actin within a cell nucleus play an important part in how they enlar more

  • Merck Awarded Second U.S. Patent for CRISPR Gene-Editing Technology

    Merck announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has granted the company’s patent for CRISPR-chrom technology. With this allowance, Merck is the only provider with a patent covering the fusion of chromatin modulating peptides to CRISPR proteins, helping to clear chromatin out of th more

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Chromatin Chromatin is the complex of DNA and protein that makes up chromosome s. It is found inside the nuclei of eukaryotic cells , and within the nucleoid in prokaryotes. The major protein s involved in chromatin are histone proteins, ... more


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