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  • Scientists characterise cancer genes using ground-breaking new method

    In a paper in the journal “Science”, researchers from the Vienna BioCenter combine cutting-edge technologies to decipher regulatory functions of important cancer genes. Key to this success is an innovative method called “SLAMseq”, which allows the direct detection of sudden changes in gene expressio more

  • Do genes express themselves through poetry?

    A new study from Michigan State University makes inroads in learning to "read" the genome, a key goal of modern biology. The results show that the DNA content of our genomes resembles a complex biological language, composed of coding regions and regulatory regions. Although protein-coding regions in more

  • Rare Her2 mutations may not always spur breast cancers on their own

    Results of a new laboratory study by Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center researchers suggests that some rare "missense" mutations in the HER2 gene are apparently not -- on their own -- capable of causing breast cancer growth or spread. In a related finding, the research team said such mutations, whic more

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