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The Diffusion Interaction Parameter (kD) as an Indicator of Colloidal and Thermal Stability


The experiment shown here illustrates how thermal and colloidal stability can be measured simultaneously


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Life Science Toolbox for UV/VIS Spectroscopy

UV/VIS Life Science Applications in a Nutshell


UV/VIS Spectrophotometry has become a standard method used on a daily basis in many life science laboratories


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Novel aggregation-specific fluorogen monitors prefibrillar protein aggregation by fluorescence polarisation (FP)


Highly ordered protein aggregates, termed amyloid fibrils, are associated with a broad range of diseases, many of which are neurodegenerative


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Miniaturization and Improved Throughput of the BCA Concentration Determination Method


Popular absorption assays are difficult to miniaturize. Learn how the fluorescence of a white plate helps to measure it in 10 µl


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UV/VIS Spectrophotometry Applications for Life Science in a Nutshell


The UV/VIS Life Science Applications guide deepens into the most common applications in the field of Life Science


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