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Obtain quantitative cell culture data continuously and automatically – this is how it's done

Let artificial intelligence work for you and save on both time & cell material


Download white paper ✓ Automatically obtain quantitative data from cell cultures ✓ Non-invasive: no interference with cell culture ✓


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Obtain quantitative results from your cell cultures – automatically and non-invasively

Learn how to easily improve your experiment reproducibility


Download application note ✓ Automated characterization of cell cultures ✓ Non-invasive and continuous cell culture monitoring ✓


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A deeper understanding: Discover the potential of 3D cell models

Unique insights into complex biological systems - from drug discovery to cancer research


Discover now how cutting-edge cell culture and 3D imaging techniques can propel your research to breakthroughs


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Life Science Toolbox for UV/VIS Spectroscopy

UV/VIS Life Science Applications in a Nutshell


UV/VIS Spectrophotometry has become a standard method used on a daily basis in many life science laboratories


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Cell Cultivation without Contamination

Hot air sterilization and other means of contamination control in CO2 incubators


How do you prevent contamination in the CO2 incubator? What concepts are there? And which are truly effective and practicable?


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Application-specific Membrane Prefilters for Highly Efficient Processes in Biopharmaceutical Production


New medicines and diagnostics on the one hand and rising cost pressure as a result, for example, of the launch of generics and biosimilars on the other mean that new, highly efficient methods are required in biopharmaceutical production. In order to


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