Andrea Krumm

Measuring Changes in Intracellular Metabolism

By Monitoring Extracellular Acidification and Oxygen Consumption in Real-Time

Dysregulation of cellular energy metabolism is a common factor in a variety of disorders including diabetes and obesity as well as cancer. The current technologies used to assess mitochondrial function via extracellular acidification (ECA) and oxygen consumption rate (OCR) are often designed in such a way that they ignore the impact of O2 concentration on cellular bioenergetics.

Here we describe the implementation of the CLARIOstar with ACU in conjunction with advanced dyes from Luxcel Biosciences to measure O2 consumption and glycolytic flux in an open-flow respirometry system. This system enables measurement of respiration rate at steady state, where O2 supplied equals O2 consumed.

The Mitochondrial Stress Test Kit from Cayman Chemical combined with the CLARIOstar and ACU provides a ‘push button’ multiplexed system with the potential for monitoring additional cell health outcomes. Experiments can be performed under user defined [O2], using either adherent cells or cell suspensions.

Facts, background information, dossiers
  • oxygen consumption rate
  • glycolytic flux
  • mitochondrial stres…
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