Christian Pieper, PhD Chimera Biotec GmbH

Ultra-sensitive Biomarker Quantification in Microsampling Support

New perspectives in analyte quantification by fine-tuning between sensitivity and sample consumption

Biomarker quantification in microsampling support is an emerging field in pre-clinical studies. While sample volumes of 10 µl may be sufficient for PK studies to determine drug concentration in ng/ml range, multiparameter quantification of low abundant endogenous biomarker (typically low pg/ml range) in ligand-binding assay (LBA) microsampling support is challenging. A major hurdle is the correlation of required sample volume vs. assay sensitivity on most immune-assay platforms. Due to exponential signal amplification, Imperacer® Immuno-PCR (IPCR) technology enables ultra-sensitive biomarker determination in microsampling support with excellent sensitivities at low per-run sample-consumption. Furthermore, Imperacer® enables fine-tuning of required sensitivity vs. sample volume towards the needs of specific study support. Here we utilized Imperacer® Immuno-PCR (IPCR) for quantification of low abundant biomarker in sub pg/ml range with less than 10 µl total sample consumption in duplicate runs.

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