Dr. Takanori Takebe, Dr. Yosuke Yoneyama

Long-term automated monitoring enables early detection of iPS cell colony abnormalities

Discover easy-to-obtain quantitative data even before differentiation

A wide variety of induced pluripotent stem (iPS) cells are used in basic research, however these cells often vary in doubling times and other growth parameters, directly impacting the comparability of differentiation experiments. Continuous monitoring enables the detection of cell abnormalities in advance of differentiation, avoiding costly experimental failures. Discover how continuous monitoring with the Olympus CM20 incubation monitoring system can make your day-to-day research easier.

Download this free application note and learn how to

  • continuously characterize your cells automatically and non-invasively, without markers
  • obtain quantitative data prior to stem cell differentiation
  • increase the reproducibility of your experiments while saving time
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