Overcome the boundaries of 3D live cell imaging

How to increase throughput using 2-Photon microscopy of 3D cellular models in drug discovery

In many applications of drug discovery and basic research, classical 2D cell cultures are currently replaced by more complex 3D cellular models. Depending on the microscope type that is used for imaging, challenges include phototoxicity, insufficient axial resolution, and limited throughput. In a unique cooperation of Olympus and Novartis, new methods were developed.

Download this whitepaper for free and learn how to

  • Improve spatial resolution for 3D cell models using multiphoton imaging
  • Revolutionize 3D cell culture screening by multiplying throughput 20x at an exceptional resolution
  • Automatically apply compounds to living organoids for long-term studies
Facts, background information, dossiers
  • basic research
  • two-photon microscopy
  • phototoxicity
  • inverse multiphoton…
  • organoids
  • multiphoton imaging
  • live cell microscopy
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