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Vacis B.V., Netherlands

VACIS is the leading tissue engineering company for body-own blood vessels VACIS develops in situ tissue engineered blood vessels providing novel therapeutic options for vascular surgery. Prosthetic vascular graft failure is a frequent complication in vascular surgery with substantial morbidity and more

Modern Meadow Inc., USA

Modern Meadow was founded in 2011 by some of the leading tissue engineers and co-inventors of bioprinting. Since its inception, the company has attracted a world class team, advisors and investors who share the aim of leveraging advances in tissue engineering to solve global resource challenges. more

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  • Organ bioprinting gets a breath of fresh air

    Bioengineers have cleared a major hurdle on the path to 3D printing replacement organs with a breakthrough technique for bioprinting tissues. The new innovation allows scientists to create exquisitely entangled vascular networks that mimic the body's natural passageways for blood, air, lymph and oth more

  • The self-curving cornea

    Scientists at Newcastle University have developed a biological system which lets cells form a desired shape by moulding their surrounding material - in the first instance creating a self-curving cornea. The cornea is the clear outer layer at the front of the eye ball. In the research, a flat circle more

  • Novel materials convert visible into infrared light

    Columbia University scientists, in collaboration with researchers from Harvard, have succeeded in developing a chemical process to convert visible light into infrared energy, allowing innocuous radiation to penetrate living tissue and other materials without the damage caused by high-intensity light more

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Face of the future

This is a movie describing the bioreactor assembly. more

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Tissue engineering

Tissue engineering Tissue engineering is the use of a combination of cell s, engineering and materials methods, and suitable biochemical and physio-chemical factors to improve or replace biological functions. While most definitions of tissu ... more


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