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  • Cleaning craze in the brain

    Synapses consist of hundreds of different proteins. For correct transmission of brain signals, their building blocks must constantly be checked for functionality and replaced by new ones. A team of researchers from the Leibniz Institute of Neurobiology Magdeburg, the German Centre for Neurodegenerat more

  • CSIC researchers find the role of a protein in the regulation of synapse formation

    An alteration, either by excess or by default, in the number of synapses (the points of contact between neurons where the transmission of the nerve impulse occurs) is associated with the development of cognitive, morphological and psychiatric disorders, hence the importance of being able to regulate more

  • Shaping the social networks of neurons

    The three proteins Teneurin, Latrophilin and FLRT hold together and bring neighboring neurons into close contact, enabling the formation of synapses and the exchange of information between the cells. In the early phase of brain development, however, the interaction of the same proteins leads to the more

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Study Finds Only a Small Portion of Synapses May Be Active During Neurotransmission

Columbia University scientists have developed a new optical technique to study how information is transmitted in the brains of mice. Using this method, they found that only a small portion of synapses—the connections between cells that control brain activity—may be active at any given time. more

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