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Friedrich Miescher Institute for Biomedical Research

Maulbeerstrasse 66
4058 Basel

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The Friedrich Miescher Institute is devoted to fundamental biomedical research aimed at understanding the basic molecular mechanisms of health and disease. We communicate and patent our findings to enable their translation into medical application. The FMI focuses on the fields of Epigenetics, Signaling & Cancer, Neurobiology.

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    A new mechanism for accessing damaged DNA

    UV light damages the DNA of skin cells, which can lead to skin cancer. But this process is counteracted by the DNA repair machinery, acting as a molecular sunscreen. It has been unclear, however, how repair proteins work on DNA tightly packed in chromatin, where access to DNA damage is rest ... more

    Clues to making drugs for "undruggable" targets

    Nicolas Thomä's group at the FMI has joined forces with the group of Benjamin Ebert at Harvard’s Broad Institute to show how thalidomide analogs mediate degradation of many more proteins than previously anticipated. These proteins – zinc finger transcription factors – play a role in cancer ... more

    Controlling cell-fate decisions

    Rafal Ciosk and his group at the FMI have identified an important link between the Notch signaling pathway and PRC2-mediated gene silencing. They showed that a fine balance between epigenetic silencing and signaling is crucial for cell-fate decisions. While this study has important implicat ... more

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