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  • Stretched beyond the limits

    It is a common phenomenon we know from cracked sneakers and burst tyres, and when it occurs it is usually in the wrong place at the wrong time: worn-out materials can cause anything from mild annoyance to fatal accidents. But while fatigue is well understood in synthetic materials, we know much less more

  • A new way to create molecules for drug development

    Chemists at The Ohio State University have developed a new and improved way to generate molecules that can enable the design of new types of synthetic drugs. Researchers say this new method of forming reactive intermediates called ketyl radicals offers scientists a way to use catalysts to convert si more

  • Making the oxygen we breathe, a photosynthesis mechanism exposed

    Arguably, the greatest fueler of life on our planet is photosynthesis, but understanding its labyrinthine chemistry, powered by sunlight, is challenging. Researchers recently illuminated some new steps inside the molecular factory that makes the oxygen we breathe. Though chlorophyll is the best-know more

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Radical chemistry

Radical chemistry :For other uses, see radical and free radical (disambiguation) . In chemistry , radicals (often referred to as free radicals) are atom ic or molecular species with unpaired electron s on an otherwise open shell configurati ... more


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