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Sensitivity you can count on

High sensitivity ligand binding and biomarker detection assays made easy

With the SMCxPRO Platform the ability for ultra-sensitive measurement of biomarkers...


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Stericup® E and Steritop® E Filtration Systems

Our engineers innovate for your lab—and for our world

Stericup® E devices flip sterile filtration on its head—literally! We’ve eliminated the need for the plastic filler funnel....


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A complete system for water and bioburden testing designed for pharma QC labs

Unmatched comfort in microbial testing with the new Milliflex Oasis® system

The vacuum pump is designed for biosafety cabinets and laminar flow hoods, with a small footprint, low weight and easy to decontaminate surfaces....


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pHast Pack – Ready-to-Use Buffers

Buffer prep with no pH adjustment? NO WEIGH!

Simply mix the pre-weighed packets with water for quick results that are reproducible. Focus on more important areas of your research endeavors...


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Milli-Q® CLX 7000 Connected Water Purification Systems

High-throughput, connected analyzer feed systems for pure water needs up to 3000 L/day

Economical and reliable water systems with Elix EDI technology and Milli-Q Connect remote service capability help to assure 24/7 lab productivity...


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