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Pipette with accuracy, consistency, comfort and speed with the Thermo Scientific ClipTip system

The Top 3 Advantages

Reduce the risk of strain injury with low pipetting forces and electronic tip ejection options


Achieve accurate and consistent pipetting results between users through interlocking tip attachment


Pipette up to 8 times faster with adjustable tip spacing electronic multichannel options

ClipTip locking tip attachment supports low pipetting forces and highly reproducible results

At Thermo Fisher Scientific we help our liquid handling customers in two ways:

  • Improve pipetting skills through free training and provision of educational materials
  • Understand the needs of each customer to provide the best liquid handling products for their situation

To support pipetting education we offer videos, on-demand pipetting webinars, live training and demonstrations (often at the customer’s site delivered by one of our liquid handling specialists in local language) and our popular Good Laboratory Pipetting Guide packed with useful information and tips.

Our liquid handling specialists understand our customers liquid handling needs and help select the best pipetting products from our range.

The Thermo Scientific ClipTip pipetting system offers the following benefits:

  • Thermo Scientific F1-ClipTip manual pipettes – comfort and precision from ClipTip tip attachment
  • Thermo Scientific E1-ClipTip electronic pipettes – ergonomic index finger pipetting and electronic tip ejection
  • Thermo Scientific E1-ClipTip Equalizer electronic pipettes – high throughput from adjustable tip spacing
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