Thermocyclers: Mastercycler X50

Reproducible, flexible and fast optimization of your PCR protocols

Eppendorf SE

Heatingrate of up to 10°C/sec with the silver block

2D-gradient for simultaneous optimization of denaturation and annealing temperature

Connect up to 50 cyclers and control them via one desktop PC

Connect up to 50 PCR cyclers to speed up your routine tasks and increase your throughput

In the modern lab, fast is essential. PCR thermocyclers that give you quicker results throughout the day and a faster transition to optimal temperatures mean you can get through more work in a shorter time. The Mastercycler X50 PCR cycler heats at 10 °C/s and cools at 5 °C/s, so make the speed of the MC X50 your research advantage.

Mastercycler X50 PCR thermocyclers have a 2D-gradient function that means you can simultaneously optimize both the denaturation temperature (bottom to top) and the annealing temperature (left to right). This saves PCR optimization time, is a great benefit in low target copy number and GC-rich target applications.

Each standalone PCR thermocycler can be networked with up to nine additional eco units or up to fifty MC X50 eco units with our CycleManager X50 software. Whichever you need, you’ll be able to monitor and manage every unit. Low noise and power usage, and the versatile flexlid® concept for maximized consumable flexibility, make the MC X50 the most powerful and convenient PCR thermocycler set-up.


Max. Heat rate: 10 °C/s
Max. Cool rate: 5 °C/s
Temperature accuracy: 0.15 °C
Temperature range: 4 – 99 °C


Your reliable partner for fast PCR results


Connect multiple units for higher throughput. Optionally, control the units via software on a desktop PC..


Available also with 384-well block


Perfect block homogeneity

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End-point PCR
gene analysis
PCR optimization
Routine PCR

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Thermocyclers: Mastercycler X50

Reproducible, flexible and fast optimization of your PCR protocols