Vanquish Neo UHPLC for LC-MS applications in proteomics, precision medicine, translational research

The Top 3 Advantages of the Product

All-in-one nano-, capillary- and micro-flow LC for high sensitivity LC-MS workflows


Accelerating productivity with long-term trouble-free operation at maximum performance


Intelligent at-system or remote control, method setup, diagnostics and troubleshooting

Combined with low-flow columns long-term operation at maximum performance levels without compromise

The Thermo Scientific Vanquish Neo UHPLC system combines an unrivaled degree of innovation to deliver 24/7 reproducible separations of complex mixtures at maximum performance for a variety of high-sensitivity LC-MS workflows.

• Thermo Scientific ProFlow XR active flow control pump technology for excellent retention time precision from nano to 100 μL/min at pressures up to 1500 bar

• Fast sample loading, column equilibration and ultra-low system gradient delay volume reduce method overhead time

• Unique low-flow split-loop autosampler design limits sample dispersion, reduces system carryover, maximizes sample usage.

• Thermo Scientific SmartInject technology improves column lifetime and retention time precision.

• Seamless LC-MS integration with Thermo Scientific mass spectrometers through a comprehensive suite of ESI sources

• Thermo Scientific PepMap Neo columns enable simple, tool-free set up and configuration for improved separation performance across the entire low-flow range.

This system enables LC-MS experts and novice users to get high-quality results every time.

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  • analytica ( Hall B1, Booth 101)

  • precision medicine

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  • capillary LC

  • low-flow LC

  • micro-flow LC

  • µ LC

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