Chromatography systems: ÄKTA pure micro

ÄKTA pure micro - enabling small sample volumes

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High performance for increased resolution with minimized internal volumes

Allows for fraction collection in small droplets

Equip your ÄKTA pure 25M for micropreparative runs using our Micro kit

With a low hold-up volume flow path, it’s your complete solution for micropreparative columns

With a low hold-up volume flow path, the ÄKTA pure micro system is your solution for small sample volumes and micropreparative columns. Combined with Fraction collector F9-T, the system can help you purify proteins when sample volumes are low – for example, when preparing for cryo-EM experiments. If you already have an ÄKTA pure 25 M system in your lab, you can use the Micro kit to convert the flow path for microscale purification. ÄKTA pure micro es equipped with special hardware components to optimize gradient performance (0.6 mL mixer chamber), minimize sample dilution (tubing kit and micro injection valve) and to maintain peak volumes from UV to the fractionation tube (UV microflow cell, micro conductivity monitor, micro outlet valve and F9-T equipped with optional micro nozzle for drop-size of approx. 8µL). A fully optimized ÄKTA pure system is able to maintain the performance achieved by a Superdex increase 3.2/30 or Capto HiRes 5/50 column as demonstrated in the chromatograms.

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ÄKTA pure micro


Micro Kit for ÄKTA pure 25 M


ÄKTA pure micro - tubing & flow-path recommendations


Comparing peak resolution at column outlet and fraction collector shows maintained resolution


Fraction Collector F9-T with available fractionation nozzles

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analytical chromatography
cryo-electron microscopy
lab-scale purification
micro purification
size exclusion
structural biology

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Chromatography systems: ÄKTA pure micro

ÄKTA pure micro - enabling small sample volumes

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