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BD SENSORS GmbH, Germany

Right from the start, BD SENSORS has specialized in electronic pressure and level measurement. Apart from an extensive product program BD SENSORS almost offers for each application a suitable solution more

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  • Structure of virus that infects bacteria in hot springs is revealed

    Scientists have revealed the structure of a virus infecting bacteria that thrive in 160-degree hot springs in places like Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming. The discovery could lead to better targeted delivery of drugs into cells and new DNA sequencing technology, according to a study by Rutgers more

  • Better protection of the eye from glaucoma

    Under the increased pressure of glaucoma, scientists want to help the neurons in our eyes better protect themselves and get better help from their friends. They are working to see whether agents that activate the innate neuron protector sigma 1 receptor, or S1R, can do both. Current glaucoma therapi more

  • Viral infection a matter of simple physics

    The manner in which some viruses inject their DNA into bacteria or other types of cells, appears to be much simpler than scientists had previously thought. Rather than using molecular engines or complicated mechanisms, viruses let simple physics do the work for them. This is a recent finding by Prof more

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The biggest stories in science 2017

As we head into 2018, it’s time to take a look back at some of the biggest science news stories over the past year. This year’s science news featured poisonous frogs, battery fires, element creation, and more! more

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Blood pressure

Blood pressure :See Hypertension for information about recognition and treatment of high blood pressure. , a device used for measuring arterial pressure. Blood pressure (strictly speaking: vascular pressure) refers to the force exerted by circu ... more


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