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  • Precisely fitting bone implants from the printer

    Cancerous tumors, infections or bad fractures can make it necessary to surgically remove bones and insert implants in their place. In collaboration with European partners, Fraunhofer researchers have now developed a technique with which bone implants that are precisely fitting, stable and variable i more

  • A lipid’s role in cell division

    Proper cell division is a basic process critical to cell survival. A ring composed of actin filaments and myosin motor proteins pinches the cell apart, producing two daughter cells with equal amounts of cellular components. Kathleen Gould , Ph.D., and colleagues characterized how this powerful contr more

  • Anti-tumor effect of novel plasma medicine caused by lactate

    Physical plasma is one of the four fundamental states of matter, together with solid, liquid, and gas, and can be completely or partially ionized (thermal/hot or non-thermal/cold plasma, respectively). Non-thermal plasma has many industrial applications, but plasma medicine is a new field of therapy more

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Injection or Infusion: Insights for Your Next Animal Dosing Investigation

                        When testing a novel compound in vivo, rapid elimination can result in mistaken assessment of activity. Rats and mice generally eliminate test compounds more rapidly than humans. After a single injection, plasma concentration rises to a peak and then declines rapidly until t


NGS Made Easy - Processing challenging NGS samples using an automated liquid handling system

Sequencing of RNAs from extracellular fluids, including serum and plasma, is a fast-growing area of biomarker research. The need to process small quantities of samples is increasing as early detection strategies become more effective and less invasive biopsy strategies are adopted. Moreover, the rap

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  • Protein and Peptide-based Therapeutics - Trends in Drug Discovery and Development

    GBI Research, leading business intelligence provider, has released its latest research report, entitled “Protein and Peptide-based Therapeutics - Trends in Drug Discovery and Development". Over the last decade, protein and peptide-based therapeutics have attracted more and more attention in the phar more

  • U.S. Glucose Testing Markets

    U.S. glucose testing is undergoing a significant transition, driven by new analytical technologies and developments in diabetes treatment. Although the blood glucose testing segment of the in vitro diagnostics (IVD) industry is mature, several segments of the market, such as home testing devices for more

  • Uzbekistan Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Report Q3 2012

    BMI View: Uzbekistan’s pharmaceutical market continues to deliver strong overall growth from a low base and has clear room to grow over the coming years if the country is to approach per-capita pharmaceutical consumption levels seen in other parts of Central and Eastern Europe. Its greatest asset is more

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Blood plasma

Blood plasma Blood plasma is the liquid component of blood , in which the blood cell s are suspended. It makes up about 55% of total blood volume . Blood plasma is prepared simply by spinning a tube of fresh blood in a centrifuge until the bl ... more


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