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Nosocomial Infections

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  • Calcium Induces Chronic Lung Infections

    The bacterium Pseudomonas aeruginosa is a life-threatening pathogen in hospitals. About ten percent of all nosocomial infections, in particular pneumonia, are caused by this pathogen. Researchers from the University of Basel’s Biozentrum, have now discovered that calcium induces the switch from acut more

  • New knowledge about the building blocks of life

    A study of an enzyme that helps build and repair DNA in living organisms increases our understanding of how these processes are controlled and how we can use this to combat infections. Chemists at the Faculty of Science at Lund University in Sweden, together with their colleagues in Umeå and Stockho more

  • Intercell starts a pivotal Phase II/III efficacy study with its Pseudomonas aeruginosa vaccine candidate

    Intercell AG announced the start of a pivotal Phase II/III efficacy trial of its investigational Pseudomonas aeruginosa vaccine. The trial follows an exploratory Phase II study in which lower all-cause mortality rates were observed in the vaccine groups as compared to the control group. The Phase II more

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