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Brain-eating amoebae halted by silver nanoparticles


Halloween is just around the corner, and some people will celebrate by watching scary movies about brain-eating zombies. But even more frightening are real-life parasites that feed on the human brain, and they can be harder to kill than their horror-movie counterparts. Now, researchers have ...


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Catching molecular dance moves in slow motion by adding white noise


In extreme slow-motion, a molecule of medicine entering a cell receptor would look a little like a Soyuz space capsule docking at the International Space Station. It would brake here, boost there; rotate, translate and then, with a light jolt, lock into place. In real time, large molecules ...


Scientists discover the origin of a giant synapse


Humans and most mammals can determine the spatial origin of sounds with remarkable acuity. We use this ability all the time -- crossing the street; locating an invisible ringing cell phone in a cluttered bedroom. To accomplish this small daily miracle, the brain has developed a circuit that's ...


Researchers uncover how protein receptors on cells switch on and off for growth and health


Cornell researchers have provided new insight into the molecular mechanism underlying an essential cellular system. They have discovered how receptors on cell surfaces turn off signals from the cell's environment, a function that is vital for cell functions such as growth, division and ...


Archemix is Granted Two European Patents for the Identification and Use of Therapeutic Aptamers


Archemix Corp. announced the issuance of two key, broad patents by the European Patent Office ("EPO"). The patents, EP 0 786 469 and EP 0 668 931, broadly cover methods for the identification and use of aptamers for therapeutic applications. These claims are the foundation for the fundamental ...


Researchers reveal key human protein's structure, promising new discoveries for leukemia, AIDS and cellular calcium release


Cornell University researchers have discovered the 3-D crystal structure of a protein, human CD38, which may lead to important discoveries about how cells release calcium - a mineral used in almost every cellular process. The findings also may offer insights into mechanisms involved in certain ...


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