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A new way to target flu virus


There's a hitch in the swing of a protein that delivers the flu virus. Rice University and Baylor College of Medicine researchers believe this mechanism may be a useful target to stop the virus from infecting cells. The Rice-Baylor team led by biophysicist José Onuchic and biochemists Jianpeng Ma ...


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Research offers clues for improved influenza vaccine design


Influenza vaccines that better target the influenza surface protein called neuraminidase (NA) could offer broad protection against various influenza virus strains and lessen the severity of illness, according to new researchl. Current seasonal influenza vaccines mainly target a different, more ...


Tamiflu-resistant influenza

Parsing the genome for the culprits


EPFL scientists have developed a tool that reveals the mutations that make influenza resistant to Tamiflu, and they have identified new mutations that may render ineffective one of the few treatments currently available on the market. Tamiflu is one of the few available treatments for those who ...


Deadly immune ‘storm’ caused by emergent flu infections


Scientists at The Scripps Research Institute (TSRI) have mapped key elements of a severe immune overreaction—a “cytokine storm”—that can both sicken and kill patients who are infected with certain strains of flu virus. Their findings, published in the online edition of the Proceedings of the ...


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Molecules that show promise for new anti-flu medicines

Chemicals block ability of flu virus to replicate in cells; goal is to develop medicines that fight much-feared pandemic influenzas


A new way to attack flu viruses is taking shape in laboratories at Rutgers University, where scientists have identified chemical agents that block the virus's ability to replicate itself in cell culture. These novel compounds show promise for a new class of antiviral medicines to fight ...


Pain reliever shows anti-viral activity against flu


The over-the-counter anti-inflammatory drug naproxen may also exhibit antiviral activity against influenza A virus, according to a team of French scientists. New influenza vaccines must be developed annually, because the surface proteins they target mutate rapidly, the way cars used to get a ...


H1N1 pandemic fears to maintain lofty US flu vaccination levels


US demand for influenza vaccines will remain high in the coming decade, following a post-flu pandemic spike, predicts business intelligence provider GlobalData. According to the company’s latest epidemiology report, seasonal influenza vaccine demand will increase from the 142 million expected for ...


H1N1 discovery paves way for universal flu vaccine: UBC research


University of British Columbia researchers have found a potential way to develop universal flu vaccines and eliminate the need for seasonal flu vaccinations. Led by Prof. John Schrader, Canada Research Chair in Immunology and director of UBC's Biomedical Research Centre, the research team found ...


Crucell Discovers Important New Antibody Against Influenza A


Crucell N.V. and The Scripps Research Institute published an article in Science describing Crucell's novel anti-influenza antibody CR8020 and how it neutralizes group 2 influenza A viruses. Attempts to isolate broadly neutralizing antibodies against group 2 viruses have not been previously ...


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