MagForce AG Announces Treatment of Recurrent Glioblastoma Patient with NanoTherm Therapy

12-Oct-2011 - Germany

MagForce AG announced the treatment of a recurrent glioblastoma patient with the company's NanoTherm® therapy. The first part of the therapy (instillation of the nanoparticles) was carried out at the University Giessen and subsequent steps (nanoparticle activation and the accompanying radiotherapy) were performed at the Charité University Medical Center Berlin. Based on an individual patient agreement, the treatment costs are being covered by a German state insurance company.

 "We are pleased that treatment with NanoTherm therapy for brain tumors patients has begun, and especially that treatment costs have been supported by a number of state insurance companies through individual patient agreements.  This is a great milestone for both our novel technology and for MagForce as a company," said Dr. Peter Heinrich, CEO of MagForce. "Through our collaborations with experts in both Germany and internationally, we plan to further develop this treatment approach for a variety of solid tumor indications with high medical need."

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