Triastek announces research collaboration with Lilly

Application of 3D printing technology in oral delivery of drugs

19-Jul-2022 - China

Triastek, Inc. announced a collaboration with Eli Lilly and Company to leverage the advantages of 3D printing technology to enable precisely targeted and programmed release of drugs in specific regions of the GI tract.


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According to the agreement, the project will focus on the targeted release of drugs in the intestine. Triastek will focus on two aspects: Firstly, conduct an in-depth study of excipient properties and process parameters to maintain drug stability throughout the formulation development and 3D printing process, as well as during drug release. Secondly, identify a unique three-dimensional structure dosage form design, that will permit programmed release of drugs in specific parts of the intestine, with the goal of improving the bioavailability of orally administered drugs.

Triastek is a 3D printing technology platform company, and its MED® technology has versatile applications in solid dosage forms development and manufacturing. With the facilitation of this collaboration by Lilly China Innovation & Partnerships, Triastek will work with Lilly to explore novel solutions to the oral delivery of drugs.

Triastek is committed to promoting the application of 3D printing technology in the pharmaceutical field. Triastek's 1st and 2nd products (T19 and T20) have received IND clearance from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The company also holds 158 patent applications related to 3D printing of pharmaceuticals with comprehensive patent coverage in the world. Triastek has also established collaborations with a number of multinational pharmaceutical companies, as well as domestic pharmaceutical companies to provide technical solutions for the development of challenging formulations.

Dr. Senping Cheng, founder and CEO of Triastek, said: "the collaboration between Triastek and Lilly is a great example of applying MED® technology for improving the oral delivery of drugs. We envision that the MED® technology of Triastek can be used to solve the challenges in formulations leading to the development of clinically valuable products for our global partners."

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