14-Apr-2021 - Cellbox Solutions GmbH

Cellbox Solutions Announces New Headquarters

The new headquarters will house both the growing Research and Development department as well as the Quality Control department

Cellbox Solutions, focusing on innovative logistic solutions for the global BioMedTech industry, announced the opening of its new headquarters in Norderstedt, which is located nearby Hamburg, Germany. In line with the business strategy to expand the product and logistics service offerings to their customers, the new headquarters will house both the growing Research and Development department as well as the Quality Control department. The close proximity to the Hamburg airport is a clear advantage for our future growth strategy. Cellbox Solutions will continue to operate its administrative office in Hamburg.

“Our customers expect the highest quality of our devices and services when transporting their precious materials. As the leading developer of complete live cell transportation solutions, we listen to our customers and respond to their needs. To better serve our clients by developing and expanding our Cellbox® product family, it was important to find a location that not only ensures the needed space for future growth, but also gives us access to a well-established worldwide shipping and logistics offering” states Wolfgang Kintzel, CEO of Cellbox Solutions.

Prof. Dr. Kathrin Adlkofer, COO and founder of Cellbox Solutions, says: “We believe in establishing our facilities in business communities where we can rely on the existing infrastructure. Our company, Cellbox Solutions, has deep roots in Schleswig-Holstein and we are excited to continue collaborating with our regional partners. The close proximity to the Hamburg airport, as well as to our administrative office in the city centre of Hamburg, is a clear advantage for our future growth strategy.”

In the second quarter of 2021, Cellbox Solutions will launch its CO2 permeable packaging kits for various biological materials. In addition, Cellbox Solutions will begin offering a full service for Cellbox® owners, which will include delivering packaging material, charging and pre-conditioning Cellbox® devices, as well as cleaning, maintenance and storage of the Cellbox between successful shipments.

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