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EMBL Ventures Portfolio Company, ViraTherapeutics Acquired by Boehringer Ingelheim in EUR 210 Million Transaction

ViraTherapeutics sale marks third exit from EMBL Ventures' current fund ETF II


EMBL Ventures announced that Boehringer Ingelheim has exercised its option to acquire EMBL Ventures' portfolio company ViraTherapeutics in a transaction with a total value of EUR 210 million (USD 245 million). The acquisition follows a collaboration and option agreement signed between ViraTherapeutics and Boehringer Ingelheim in August 2016.

EMBL Ventures has been a strong supporter of ViraTherapeutics' growth and development since having first invested in the Company in 2015 as part of its Series A financing round. EMBL Ventures' interest in ViraTherapeutics focuses on the unique properties of its oncolytic (cancer-destroying) virus-based immunotherapy VSV-GP - a Vesicular Stomatitis Virus (VSV) with a modified glycoprotein (GP) - currently in advanced pre-clinical development for the treatment of solid tumours.

VSV-GP is a highly potent oncolytic virus, which leads to an enhanced immune response that works together with the direct viral anti-tumour effect. ViraTherapeutics' lead candidate leverages the VSV-GP platform, a next generation oncolytic viral therapy, which has shown promising results in pre-clinical models, especially in combination with key immune modulatory principles.

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