Enzymicals extend its capacity in Business Development

04-Sep-2018 - Germany

Dr. Rainer Wardenga is one of the co-founders of Enzymicals and support the business development of the company beginning September.

Enzymicals AG

Dr. Rainer Wardenga

Dr. Wardenga is biotechnologist and until the beginning of his parentalleave, he was responsible for the development of the company with focus on research and production. With his scientific background and gained experiences in the field of industrial biotechnology, he will be available in the future as a contact for customers and project partners.

The focus of his activity is on adapting the product and service portfolio to current trends and demands.From the almost 10 years of research and development activities of Enzymicals AG, many results are ready for commercialization, said Dr. Wardenga.

Feasibility studies and process development on early stage are already part of daily queries and routines. Now the improvement and standardization of the offers in the segment of small scale custom manufacturing as well as the process scale up are the focus of his planned activities. In order to better adapt the realizable scales to the needs of the customers, cooperation with suppliers of biocatalysts and raw materials as well as with contract manufacturers will be further expanded and deepened.

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