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Misfolded Proteins

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  • New drug candidates reverse drug resistance in multiple myeloma in preclinical models

    In an article Medical University of South Carolina investigators report that a new compound enhances the efficacy of proteasome inhibitors (PIs), the standard-of-care for the treatment of multiple myeloma (MM), in cell culture and in preclinical models. The efficacy and safety of the novel combinati more

  • A new way to stimulate cellular recycling process

    Brown University researchers studying the biology of aging have demonstrated a new strategy for stimulating autophagy, the process by which cells rebuild themselves by recycling their own worn-out parts. In a study the researchers show that the approach increased the lifespans of worms and flies, an more

  • Nanodiscs catch misfolding proteins red-handed

    When proteins misfold, accumulate and clump around insulin-producing cells in the pancreas, they kill cells. Now, researchers, including University of Michigan biophysicists, have obtained a structural snapshot of these proteins when they are most toxic, detailing them down to the atomic level. The more

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