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  • Survival specialists on Mount Everest

    Almost 5 miles above sea level in the Himalayan mountains, the rocky dip between Mount Everest and its sister peak, Lhotse, lies windswept, free of snow. It is here at the South Col where hundreds of adventurers pitch their final camp each year before attempting to scale the world’s tallest peak fro more

  • An ultra-stable protein nanowire made by bacteria provides clues to combating climate change

    Accelerated climate change is a major and acute threat to life on Earth. Rising temperatures are caused  atmospheric methane which is 30-times more potent than CO2 at trapping heat. Microbes are responsible for generating half of this methane and elevated temperatures are also accelerating microbial more

  • Microbe of the Year 2023: Bacillus subtilis – for health and technology

    The microbe of the year 2023 can even be purchased in pharmacies. Bacillus subtilis is considered to be health-promoting and is therefore sold as a probiotic. As a food ingredient, the microbe has long been known in Asia. In livestock farming, this bacterium is used as an alternative to antibiotics. more

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